Rema Hamdan Included in Most Influential Lawyer List

Source Legal Counsel Rema Hamdan has been included in Australasian Lawyers 2023 Most Influential Lawyers list.

Rema’s inclusion in the 2023 Most Influential Lawyers list is a testament to her visionary approach, with her keen understanding of complex legal matters and an unparalleled dedication to her clients. Her ability to navigate intricate legal challenges with finesse and strategic thinking has set her apart in the legal industry.

Rema Hamdan is an employment, industrial relations and safety lawyer with broad expertise across all aspects of employment law. She takes an innovative, considered, and forward-thinking approach and outlook to work. She is known by her clients and colleagues for her determined nature, her willingness to ask difficult questions and face challenges head on.

Australasian Lawyers’ Most Influential Lawyers list is a highly regarded annual report that identifies and acknowledges professionals whose dynamism and capacity to challenge the status quo make a meaningful difference to their clients. The list showcases legal professionals in Australia, celebrating their achievements and recognising their extraordinary contributions to the legal industry.

To read the full report, click here.

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