Stanislav Roth Features in Tank Stream Speaks Podcast

Source’s Stanislav Roth features in Tank Stream Lab’s podcast, ‘Tank Stream Speaks’.

In this special episode, Stanislav came together with Tank Stream Speaks co-host Josh Butt to discuss the pertinent topic of navigating legal needs for startups and scaleups. Stanislav and Josh spoke about ways businesses can protect themselves from risks and the unique services provided by Tank Stream Legal, powered by Source.

The podcast episode also highlighted the importance of startups and scaleups in understanding their fundamental legal needs at every stage of their growth journey and investing in legal services at the right time.

Businesses often struggle to determine when to invest in their legal needs. The implications of investing too late or too soon can be critical in the startup and scaleup space.

Source’s value-based pricing model and flexibility help startups and scaleups to invest the right amount at the right time for their legal and workplace needs. Source’s monthly retainers operate on an agreed monthly price that is based on the value of the service to a particular, ensuring complete budget certainty and right-sized pricing. The retainer runs month to month with the flexibility to scale up, scale down or terminate at any time.

Tank Stream Speaks brings together entrepreneurs, specialised industry leaders, and scaleups focus on the burning conversations – like how to be successful at applying for those pesky government grants, the right questions to ask potential investors during your first pre-seed fundraising round, or how to comply with data policies that keep evolving.

In November 2022, Source partnered with Tank Stream Labs to create Tank Stream Legal: Powered by Source and provides customised legal support specific to startups and scaleups. Our team provide in-house style legal, HR and intellectual property services to the Tank Stream Labs community, providing an unmatched depth and breadth of expertise.

To listen to the episode, visit the Tank Stream Speaks website or your preferred podcast platform.

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