New Rules for Casual Employees

On 22 March 2021, Federal Parliament passed the government’s industrial relations reform legislation. What were supposed to be wide-ranging, IR reforms were cut right back in the Senate and only the new rules for casual employees made it through. The new rules for casuals are significant and go a long way towards reducing the risks […]

Doing Law Differently Podcast – Stanislav Roth talks value-based pricing

In this 30-minute podcast, Stanislav Roth takes his 10 years of experience and translates it into a thorough and practical run-down of how to value-price, where you might run into problems and why it’s so worth it in the end. “Value-pricing changes the nature of the relationship between us and our clients. It makes us […]

Guide to Annualised Salaries

AN EMPLOYER’S GUIDE TO ANNUALISED SALARIES On 1 March 2020 the Fair Work Commission introduced new annualised salary provisions into many awards. There is a lot of confusion about annualised salaries, so we have created this guide to set out what employers need to know about them. Download the guide

Why Dumping Billable Hours Targets is Missing The Point

By Stanislav Roth This article was originally published in The Big Smoke The recent announcement from a national law firm that they are dumping billable hours targets for their lawyers was heralded as an innovative step, aimed at supporting a high-performance culture and flexibility for staff. While this move is commendable, the blunt reality is that […]

Source Legal: The game-changing law firm who won’t charge you for their time

This article was originally published in The Big Smoke. Clients of law firms would surely be forgiven if sometimes they perceive that they’re simply charged two or three times the cost of their lawyer’s salary plus expenses, without reference to the actual value provided. There are many instances of Australian SMEs forgoing the legal representation […]

‘New Law’, disruption and the future of legal services

By Siska Lund and Stanislav Roth From automation to virtual legal support, the legal industry is changing, and changing fast. Advances in technology are fuelling democratisation of the legal industry, and have introduced innovative competition in the form of ‘New Law’ business models. ‘New Law’ business models are challenging traditional firms by offering clients attractive […]