Amy Kingston-Turner

Director - Commercial

Amy Kingston-Turner is a New Zealand based Director with Source Legal with more than 10 years’ experience in general commercial law, technology law, privacy, intellectual property, and corporate law. Amy has been part of the legal teams in multinational corporations and founded her own in-house style legal practice, prior to joining Source Legal.

“My approach to legal advisory is to provide practical and commercially focused solutions that help my clients achieve their business goals. Whether it’s in the areas of commercial, intellectual property, privacy, or technology law, I strive to be a trusted business partner who can offer high-level opinions and sense checks to ensure that my clients are making informed decisions.

My experience as a senior in-house lawyer for several multinationals and local companies give me unique insight and enables me to deliver specialised advice, while keeping an eye on my clients’ wider business strategy and commercial goals.

I have a particular passion for technology and privacy law, which I find fascinating because it’s a constantly evolving area that requires me to keep up with the latest developments. Given the global nature of technology and data, it’s impossible to limit my knowledge to just one jurisdiction, which makes it even more exciting.

I’m always looking for new ways to help clients, whether that means taking on some of their workload to ease the burden on their in-house team or working on bespoke projects that require a tailored approach. Ultimately, my goal is to be a partner that my clients can rely on and trust to help them navigate the complex legal landscape in a way that is practical, efficient, and effective.”


Industry and career experience:

Amy has experience working both in-house and providing in-house style services via her own legal services firm, prior to joining Source. Her clients have included multinational corporations and local companies and span a wide range of industries and sectors.

Amy’s in-house experience includes roles with:

  • Shell International
  • Icebreaker
  • The Warehouse Group

Amy is expertise includes:

  • General commercial and corporate law
  • Intellectual property and licensing
  • Digital and technology
  • Privacy and data protection



  • Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Law, University of Auckland
  • Admitted to practice 2009


Get to know Amy:

Amy is a boundary-pusher – always looking to broaden her knowledge and try a new approach in search of a better way of doing things. When she’s not challenging the status-quo, you’ll find Amy exploring nature with her family, getting out of the city to grounding herself and recharge.

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