Executive Director, Jenny Mulders Moderates IMAP Podcast, Independent Thought

Source Compliance Executive Director and Chair of the IMAP Regulatory Group, Jenny Mulders, recently moderated a special episode of IMAP’s Podcast series, Independent Thought.

Jenny Mulders joined Hamilton Locke Partner Simon Carrodus and Holley Nethercote Partner Jesse Vermiglio to discuss the ongoing Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO) for Managed Account Providers.

In the podcast episode, Simon, Jenny and Jesse provided an overview of DDO regulations, their importance in protecting consumers and improving product design and distribution practices.

The podcast episode covers the importance of DDO compliance, explores the ongoing DDO obligations for different managed account structures, addresses compliance challenges and offers best practices and strategies for effectively managing complaints and Target Market Determinations (TMDs).

The episode brings together industry experts to share their insights and experiences related to ongoing DDO obligations for Managed Accounts providers, regulatory updates and advice for navigating DDO compliance.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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