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Source Legal: An in-house legal team tailored to your needs

At Source Legal, we make accessing legal services easier than ever before. We become your in-house legal team or supplement your current legal team with additional capacity or expertise. Our lawyers are dynamic, responsive and highly commercial.  

Legal support the way you need it

We work on a monthly retainer basis tailored to your needs. Our monthly retainer price is based on the value of our service to you, rather than on our time. Once we agree a monthly retainer, we provide unlimited support for all of your legal needs in the ordinary course of business.  There are no hourly rates and no counting of time, so you have complete budget certainty. Our retainers are not locked-in and can be terminated or revised at any time.

If you are not ready for a retainer, we can also do project work at an agreed price based on the value of the work to you, not on our time.  

Your team of dedicated in-house lawyers will get to know your business intimately. We work with you to build a long-lasting, supportive working relationship to guide you through all your contractual, legal and regulatory needs.


At Source Legal we cover all the areas that businesses typically encounter in their day-to-day operations. Our team of lawyers are experts at helping businesses navigate legal issues with ease.

Contracts and commercial law

We review, draft and negotiate contracts of all types and sizes across any industry. We also advise on corporate and commercial law matters, including compliance with the Corporations Act, privacy, consumer law and other regulatory matters​. We also review and negotiate property leases​, assist with the management of potential disputes and claims, and devise and implement legal training and compliance programs.

Employment and safety law

We assist with all employment law matters including drafting employment contracts and policies, modern award application, negotiation of enterprise agreements, through to handling performance management, disciplinary issues and terminations​. We also handle Fair Work and discrimination claims and conduct employment-related litigation. Our fully equipped workplace safety team can also advise you on all areas related to health and safety in your workplace.

Meet the
Legal team

Amelia Abbott
Senior Legal Counsel (Commercial)
Amelia Abbott web square
Alisha Ali
Senior Legal Counsel (Commercial)
Alisha Ali web square
Rema Hamdan
Legal Counsel (Employment and Safety)
Rema Hamdan web square
Chanel McDonald
Legal Counsel (Employment)
Chanel McDonald web square
Sophie Redmond
Senior Legal Counsel – Employment & Employee Relations Specialist
Sophie Redmond_Temporary headshot
Brodie Williams
Senior Legal Counsel
Brodie Williams_Square_COL
Catherine Tsai
Senior Legal Counsel (Commercial)
Catherine Tsai web square
Hayley Reeve
Senior Legal Counsel (Commercial)
Hayley Reeve web square
Isaac Hawkins
Legal Counsel - Employment & Safety
Headshot - Isaac Hawkins
Jelena Milanovic
Senior Legal Counsel (Commercial)
Jelena Milanovich web square
Sara Tan
Senior Legal Counsel (Commercial)
Sara Tan web square
Nicholas Jeffreys
Legal Counsel (Commercial)
Gital Ben-Zvi
Legal Counsel - Commercial
Gital Ben-Zvi_Square_COL
Judy Wong
Legal Counsel
Judy Wong - Temp Headshot
Fiona Yiend
Director – Commercial
Fiona Yiend web square

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