Charmaine Smit

Senior Legal Counsel (Commercial)

Charmaine is a senior property lawyer who couples her in-house and private practice background to provide prompt and commercially astute advice to clients with her understanding of commercial objectives.

“I was introduced to the real estate industry from a young age due to my father’s trade and I naturally gravitated to property law after my studies. I started my career in South Africa as a solicitor practising property law in private practice and then was given an opportunity to work as an in-house lawyer at a large retail company. After moving to Australia, I went back into private practice working for a range of different clients.

I am adaptable, hardworking and always willing to assist clients to achieve their required outcomes.

My style of working is to approach every problem calmly, provide clear and concise advice and ensure that I cover off all potential risks. I strongly believe in fostering relationships with client’s and ensuring that I am approachable no matter the question.

My main area of expertise is commercial and retail leasing.”

Industry and career experience

Charmaine has over 8 years of experience in private practice and in-house, enabling her to blend the discipline of delivering responsive timely advice with the need for practicality and common sense. Charmaine can effectively prioritise and deal with a large volume of diverse matters whilst exercising initiative and attention to detail.

Prior to joining Source, Charmaine began her legal career in South Africa as a solicitor and notary public practicing in private practice and thereafter worked in-house at a large retail company. After moving to Australia, she worked as a senior associate at Dentons across a wide range of property transactions with a focus on retail and commercial leasing.

Bachelor of Laws from University of Pretoria
Legal Practicing Certificate (South Africa)
Notarial Practicing Certificate (South Africa)
Non-Award Diploma (Law) from University of New England

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