Tahlia Franks

Legal Counsel – Commercial and Employment

Tahlia is Legal Counsel with significant experience in employment and contract law. She is an expert in contract agreements, major contractual projects, new business ventures, workplace policy and advising on the rights and obligations of workplace relationships.

Tahlia is especially passionate about helping small to medium sized businesses understand and meet their legal obligations.

“I am a committed legal counsel with a strong understanding that behind every contract, project and employment issue is a business that has its own goals. My job is to provide legal advice in an efficient and understandable way, to enable that business to continue working towards its goals.

I am especially passionate about helping small to medium sized businesses meet their legal obligations with as much ease as possible. I enjoy advising on everything from day-to-day contracts to major contractual projects and new business ventures, to improving existing policies and workplace practices, and advising on the rights and obligations of workplace relationships.”

Industry and career experience

Tahlia has significant experience advising on all aspects of Commercial and Employment law including:

  • Business contracts (supply, install, terms of use, manufacture, consultancy agreements)
  • Employer and employee rights and obligations
  • Workplace Policy

Tahlia has worked with a number of public and private clients across a variety of sectors including:

  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Services

Prior to joining Source, Tahlia was a Senior Lawyer at a boutique law firm. Tahlia has also worked in-house.


  • Diploma of Legal Practice – College of Law
  • Juris Doctor – University of New South Wales
  • Bachelor of Communication – University of Newcastle
  • Tahlia was admitted in New South Wales

Get to know Tahlia

Tahlia takes pride in her career, being a ‘woman in law’, and she is also a proud Mum.

Tahlia enjoys camping, reading and piano for they are quiet and reflective hobbies that provide her with the opportunity to escape and relax.

Tahlia’s favourite holiday to date was a three-month escape to Europe, particularly the Greek Islands for the food, the views, the ocean and the friendly locals.

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