Managing Multiple Roles in Employment

Sean Melbourne
Executive Director - Workplace



A question we get asked often is can we have the same person work in two different roles?

The short answer is yes.

However, you need to ensure the roles are separate and distinct from each other.


Separation and distinction

This involves doing things like:

  • Separate employment agreements: Each role should have its own employment agreement outlining specific terms, including classification, pay rates, and benefits.
  • Distinct position descriptions: Position descriptions should be provided for each role, outlining unique responsibilities and duties associated with each position.
  • Separate payroll and documentation: Separate pay slips should be provided and separate payroll records kept for each role.
  • Accrued leave: Leave entitlements should be accrued separately for each role.
  • Rostering: Employers should avoid overlapping in shifts and ensure that an employee does not perform both roles simultaneously.


Playing it right

By maintaining a clear separation between roles, employers can apply different classifications and pay rates to each position, ensuring that employees receive appropriate entitlements based on the role they are performing.

Failing to uphold this separation can lead to underpayment issues and it could become difficult to terminate one role and not the other.

It’s also important that employers manage fatigue and safety concerns that may arise from working multiple roles. Ensure there are breaks between the end of one role’s shift and the start of the other.

By establishing clear separation and distinction between each position, employers can effectively navigate dual employment arrangements while complying with their legal obligations and safeguarding the well-being of their workforce.


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