Boost Performance and Productivity with Source’s Cost Effective HR Services

Businesses who need practical, cost-effective HR advice and assistance to better manage performance, productivity and compliance now have the opportunity for on-tap HR support, with the launch of Source Legal’s HR Services. Most smaller businesses do not have dedicated HR professionals, yet need HR strategies and processes to streamline operations, get the best out of their people, and protect their business.

Source Legal, building on our success in providing in-house style legal support on a monthly retainer basis, has now launched HR services on the same basis. With this suite of services, provided on an unlimited, agreed monthly price basis, we become your de facto HR department and help you look after your people and your business with HR advice and solutions, tailor-made for your organisation.

Why HR services?
Attracting and retaining the right people can make or break your business. With so much invested in your people, it’s important to ensure that you support and reward them to maximise their performance. Coaching, mentoring, and remunerating appropriately are some of the ways to keep your best performers on-board.

At the same time, it’s also critical to ensure you protect your business. From hiring to firing, many businesses find the complex mix of regulations to comply with confusing at best, and even damaging to their business at worst. Being hit with an unfair dismissal claim is one of the top concerns of businesses when they need to let someone go.

How we help
Our highly experienced HR business partners will work with you just like an in-house HR manager, to give you the support and services you need, to maximise performance and business productivity. They also work closely with our employment law specialists to ensure that your business is compliant and protected.

Do you need help with getting your policies and processes in place and understood by your workforce? Do you wish you could better support and develop your staff, to increase their potential and loyalty? Have you properly attended to work health and safety measures, or have concerns about how to manage an employee who is not performing? We get your business on track with customised policies, procedures, employee management and development initiatives, and advice on all things related to hiring, retaining and exiting staff.

Responsive, budget-certain service
Your business gets budget-certainty, as we always work on an agreed-price basis, with no hidden fees or hourly rates. Our HR services come with the same pragmatic, responsive service that is the hallmark of our award-winning legal support.

We’re very excited to be one of the only legal firms in Australia to introduce HR services. If you’d like to discuss outsourcing your HR services, contact Alison Lodewyke at Source Legal to find out more. Phone 0404680828 or email

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