Source Legal Counsels recognised as Rising Stars by Australasian Lawyer

Rema Hamdan and Tun Yeo, legal counsels from the Source legal team have today been recognised as Rising Stars by esteemed legal news source, Australasian Lawyer, for their high level of achievement and demonstration of leadership amongst their peers.

The Rising Star accolade shines a light on their high level of achievement and demonstration of leadership amongst their peers.

Rema Hamdan is an employment, industrial relations and safety lawyer with broad expertise across all aspects of employment law. She takes a unique, considered, and forward-thinking approach and outlook to work. She is known by her clients and colleagues for her determined nature, her willingness to ask difficult questions and face challenges head on.

Rema has fully embraced the Source model that allows her to work with a range of clients as their in-house counsel or alongside their in-house team. She has demonstrated an ability to seamlessly integrate with teams, proficiently understand their legal and business needs and deliver optimal service.

Tun Yeo expertise focuses on Corporate M&A and Funds matters. He is incredibly responsive and pragmatic and has the ability to make complex problems as simple as possible for his clients. His attitude allows him to communicate with clients in an effective and succinct manner without the legal jargon, ensuring clients are serviced as swiftly as possible.

Tun is highly commercial and has a strong business acumen. He is thorough but does not over complicate unnecessary matters, thinking about the “big picture” while appropriately managing any legal and commercial risks for the client. 

Click here to view the list of Australasian Lawyer’s 2023 Rising Stars.

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